Why you should own a cat?

Our four legged feline friends are wonderful companions, owning one can translate into a very rewarding relationship. 

Cats were revered by many civilizations throughout history and were held at high regards by those who housed them. In Greek mythology, although often connected to dark magic, cats were deeply mourned by their owners. When parting with their cat, family members expressed their grief by shaving off their eyebrows.

The Egyptians worshiped cats and thought them to be magical creatures acting as vessels for the gods to inhabit. They also were associated with abilities to bring luck to their owners and were depicted in art as a reminder of the power of the gods.


There are many wonderful reasons why one might consider having a cat as a pet and here are a few unequivocal benefits.

Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Cat

Cats Are A Great Independent Pet Option

A cat will be there for you when you need them, as a loyal fluffy ball of love. Cuddles and purrs will give you a soothing and calming effect. Yet, without overwhelming you, cats are perfectly able to entertain themselves without guilting you into neglecting them or soliciting constant attention. 

Cat Are Great Low-Noise Pets

With a cat at home, you never have to worry about being woken up in the middle of the night or early in the morning, they’re known to meow mostly when they’re hungry. 

This makes cats the perfect animal for anyone that is working from home as well. 

Cats Are A Low Maintenance Option

Cats do not require a lot of space, you do not need a house or a backyard to entertain them. City living and small apartments are great for cat ownership. 

They also do not require frequent visits to the veterinarian, regular grooming, training or walking for that matter, which ultimately is cost effective.

Owning A Cat Can Help With Allergies

It is a known fact that a child exposed to a pet at a young age is less likely to suffer from allergies, having built an immune system to combat cats’ and other allergens.

Cats can also fend off feelings of loneliness, stress or anxiety by offering unconditional love and companionship. It is one of the main reasons people seek adopting a cat.

Also, cats live longer than other domestic animals.The up to 20 years lifespan of a cat will allow you to have them longer in your life. Making the grief over losing them farther down the timeline.

Cats Are A Great Eco-Friendly Pet 

Cats help keep your house pest free, without resorting to the use of inhumane traps or toxic pest control products. 

Cats literally bathe themselves, which doesn’t require any grooming products that may cause harm to the environment.

And if you’re still not convinced you should have a cat, here’s a really peculiar and interesting reason. Cats do this really cute thing called biscuit-making or kneading. It is by alternating, left and right, their front limbs, pushing forward, as you would if you were kneading a dough for biscuits.

This makes for a great massage if your cat decides to rest their footing on your back!