Should you own a dog?

There are so many wonderful reasons to have a dog. They‘re fantastic, fun, playful and they’ll be there everyday! When you wake up in the morning and when you come home after work, lovingly greeting you with a lick and a stumble…but please bear in mind, they ARE NOT toys.

Owning a dog will literally translate into being in a relationship. As any successful relationship, love, responsibility and commitment are key ingredients. And as in any relationship, make sure you’re in it for the right reasons, and here are a few.

We categorized the benefits of having a dog according to science proven facts, social skills improvement and physical advantages.


Interest Facts About Dog Owners

Apparently dog owners visit the doctor less often than non-dog owners and are less likely to require medication since they have a stronger immune system from being around animals. A study even showed that the mere fact of petting your furry friend will dramatically reduce your blood pressure, since they have this amazing ability to keep us calm by loving us unconditionally.

Even if the next facts don’t quite apply to you, rest assured that many scientific studies were conducted and proven the benefits of dog ownership on a medical level.

● As a growing field, animal-assisted therapy uses dogs to help individuals better cope with different physical and mental health problems, such as heart disease, cancer, depression and in some cases, even allows a faster recovery.
● The effects of dogs also proved positive results amongst seniors with dementia by decreasing agitated or aggressive behaviour.
● Specifically trained dogs also assist various individuals within the autism
spectrum, or with learning difficulties.
● And of course the well known guide dogs, trained to lead blind or visually
impaired people around obstacles.


Benefits for your health

Having a dog is a brilliant way to remain active on a daily basis. No matter the weather or time of day, if your dog has to go, so do you!

You will find yourself planning walks with your dog, park strolls, finding new trails to jog or run. There are so many outdoor physical activities your dog will be delighted to join. Throw a ball, a frisbee or a stick, wrestle around, fun play with your dog, and have you heard about Doga?


Benefits for psychology

Our four-footed best friend The Dog, provides unconditional love and support, which can be very comforting during hard times. We spoke earlier of a relationship with a dog, it really is a mutual care. Our canine companions take care of us and teach us as much as we do them.

Dogs teach us some of the most valuable skills including:

  • Self esteem & Empathy

Studies have proven that children brought up with a dog demonstrated more autonomy when completing a task, and tolerance and compassion towards others. If you are looking to improve these social skills, a dog may do wonders for you and help you along the journey to self improvement.

  • Responsibility

Punctuality Caring for a dog is a big responsibility that comes with many duties and a budget! From adequate nutrition, proper hygiene, regular veterinarian check-ups and various necessary accessories. Make sure you are ready to create the right environment before opening your home to a new family member, for which Go Time shouldn’t be affected by traffic nor late work days.

  • Comfort and Well-being

Dogs are amazing companions, they stave off isolation and will come and find you wherever you are in the house. The comfort these furry companions bring us will translate in our interactions with others and compel us to offer similar aid or relief.

  • Patience and Happiness

As mentioned above, having a dog comes with responsibility, that is to train your dog! And with that comes a great amount of patience and control. Do consider having your dog trained professionally if you don’t feel you have the discipline and authority to do it yourself. But if you are up to it, you will develop essential educational skills and will be accountable for your dog’s behaviour.

And YES! Dogs teach us to be happy! They lead by example by immensely enjoying the great outdoors as well as simple life pleasures, such as chasing their own tails! They are very playful and up to running and jumping challenges. So be happy with your dog!

Bonus Benefit! 
Having a dog is a great way to introduce yourself to new people!