At J & J PET CLUB, we're passionate about nurturing pets' inherent instincts, especially when it comes to our feline friends. Even though they've become cherished members of our indoor families, cats retain their ancestral behaviors. They're natural predators, and this predatory instinct extends to their nutritional needs.

Many commercial cat foods are highly processed at extreme temperatures, stripping them of essential nutrients. The addition of artificial supplements can't fully compensate for the lost vitamins and minerals. This is where raw cat diets come into play, closely mirroring the prey-based nutrition your cat's wild cousins would enjoy.

Benefits of a Raw Cat Diet:

Boosted Metabolism & Weight Management Raw diets provide balanced meals rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This balance supports a healthy metabolism and helps avoid weight-related health issues.

Strengthened Immunity Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require meat-based diets. Raw meats are packed with nutrients that bolster the immune system.

Improved Coat Health A raw diet rich in essential fatty acids contributes to a vibrant, silky coat, leading to less shedding and fewer hairballs.

Enhanced Dental Health Chewing raw bones, skin, and fur acts as a natural toothbrush, promoting dental health, and minimizing risks of infections, gum disease, and bad breath.

Increased Energy & Stamina Cats are well-equipped to convert protein into energy. With a raw diet, you'll likely notice a noticeable increase in your cat's energy levels.

Reduced Stool Volume & Odor A species-appropriate diet means most of the food is utilized, leading to less waste and reduced odor.

Improved Urinary Health Raw diets, inherently high in moisture, mimic the natural prey diet and promote better urinary health. However, always ensure a fresh, unchlorinated water source for your cat.

Adopting a raw diet requires careful consideration. It's important to explore options that best suit you, your cat, and your lifestyle. Factors such as feeding times, preparation methods, and exercise can all be adjusted to optimize your cat's health.

Remember, J & J PET CLUB is your one-stop online pet store for all your cat care needs, from quality raw cat food to all essential supplies, ensuring your feline friend gets the best.