Complete Guide For Cat Raw Food Diets

We live in an era of domesticated animals, happily strolling around apartments and restricted spaces. Yet, cats are predators by nature and have retained their natural instincts as their feline cousins from the wild. 

When it comes to nutrition, processed commercial cat food is cooked at very high temperatures, therefore devoid of any nutrients, requiring additional artificial supplements for a complete healthy meal. This substitution hardly replaces the loss of vitamins and minerals essential to your cat’s nutrition and high processed meats aren’t a sufficient and optimum source of nutrition for your cat.

A raw cat diet is modelled after an authentic prey-based nutrition that a cat would ordinarily have in the wild. 

Benefits from a raw diet include

A healthier metabolism for your cat

Balanced meals containing all nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids required to keep your cat healthy and avoid overweight issues.

A stronger immune system.

Cats are obligate carnivores, they’ve evolved on prey-based nutrition and must eat meat-based meals, which they are biologically equipped to digest. Raw meats are particularly rich in immune boosting nutrients.

A shinier coat, less shedding and much fewer hairballs

Cats require essential meat based fatty acids that contribute to softer skin and vibrant silkier coat, thus reducing shedding and the occurrence of hairballs.

A better dental health

Serving as a natural toothbrush, raw meat diet, chewing raw bones, skin and fur help remove plaque, experience whiter teeth and less risks of infections or gum disease thus decreasing stinky breath and allowing better dental health.

Increased energy and stamina

Cats are uniquely adapted to utilise protein based nutrition for their energy requirements. Their digestive tract, being short, allows a faster digestion, burning proteins into energy through the gluconeogenesis process. Higher energy levels have been noted in cats that transitioned from commercial food to a species appropriate raw diet.

Reduced stool volume and odour

When fed an appropriate diet, cats' bodies utilise most of the food, converting it into energy, therefore reducing the volume of stool as well as the odd strong smell. You will even notice less eliminating, down to once a day sometimes.

A better urinary health

A raw based cat diet contains higher moisture that mimics that of a natural prey. Dry food, low in moisture by definition, can cause alkaline urine and even chronic dehydration in cats. That goes to say that even with a raw based diet, ensure a source of unchlorinated fresh water to help with your cat’s urinary health.

As in any diet, decision or transition, explore different appropriate options for you, your cat and your lifestyle. Feeding times, preparation methods and exercise can be adapted to optimise your cat’s health and give your feline friend the best and healthiest options based on their developmental needs.