Eco Plant Clumping Tofu Litter

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The litter that doesn't litter! 

We're thrilled to introduce Wee Kitty® Eco Plant Clumping Litter - made from sustainable and naturally absorbent wheat and soy fibers to offer: 

  • Fast Odor Control - traps ammonia odour within 5 minutes 
  • Concentrated Clumping - forms scoopable clumps. Simple & mess-free 
  • Vegan & Biodegradable - made from natural wheat and soy fibers. Compostable and suitable for surface mulch 
  • Extra Absorbent* - proven to absorb 4 times its weight in liquid 
  • Earth Friendly - a better choice than crystal or clay litters which are mined from the earth 
  • Flushable** & Septic Safe - disintegrates in water, so it's safe to flush in small quantities 
  • Low tracking - paw-friendly large pellets and low dusting

Did you know: 

A single cat can contribute over 400 pounds of litter to landfill each year! At Rufus & Coco, we dream of a world where we don't have to destroy the earth and natural habitats for the sake of a cat's toilet. We've said goodbye to harmful litters such as clay or crystal that are mined from the earth, and set out to create a better kind of litter. One that offers less smell, less wastage and less effort - without harming the earth! #ReduceYourPawprint 

* Proven Results: Independent laboratory tests (2019 SGS Australia) against major litter bra




How to provide the purrfect potty

1. Ensure your litter tray is thoroughly dry, then fill with Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty® Eco Plant Clumping Litter.   
2. Once soiled, scoop up and discard clumped waste daily by flushing, or putting in the garden or bin. Stir pellets to aerate.   
3. Top up with fresh litter as needed and regularly replace the entire tray of litter once a month or once the bag is finished.   

Tip: If your furry friend is hesitant to change litter types, simply sprinkle some of the existing litter over the top of Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty® Eco Plant Clumping Litter.


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