Our History

At the heart of the J&J Pet Club story is the success of our retail pet supply store. Our small store began serving the local community in January of 2020. Then, the pandemic arrived just as we were learning our customers’ names and how best to serve them. Realizing the seriousness of the new situation, we implemented public health guidelines at the store and began revising our operations to keep pace with the need for greater shopping flexibility and wider selection. Our small store evolved into a comprehensive supplier of pet needs with both in-store and online means of supporting pets and their people. 

Our Mission

We will always provide the healthiest, highest quality pet-related products and services. At J & J Pet Club, we believe all animal companions deserve superior products and the best care. As well, we focus on delivering peace-of-mind and worry-free service to all pet parents. 

Our Culture

We are a big family. Our culture is as simple and strong as that. All J & J Pet Club staff are pet parents and we all treat our pets as family members, like you do. Not only do we care for their health and needs, we help them enjoy lives full of love and vitality, because that is what they do for us. 




Tell us about your J&J Pet Club experiences, and we would love to see pictures of your animal companions! Contact us at: info@jjpetclub.com