Vesper Box Small - Walnut - 37 x 37 x 72.5 cm

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Vesper Box Small – Walnut

Compact Furniture with Cozy Sleeping Cube

  • Cozy cubed den with two entrances
  • High-quality MDF with walnut-look laminate
  • Soft memory foam cushions
  • Seagrass scratching post
  • Easy to clean
  • Replacement parts available




Compact cat furniture with a cozy sleeping cube

The Vesper Box Small is our compact cat furniture in a modern
design. Equipped with a cozy sleeping cave, lounging spots,
a ball toy, and a scratching pillar, it is the nap and play
tower cats dream of. 



Cozy cubed den with two entrances

The cozy cubed den is perfect for lounging and napping. The den has two entrances so your cat won’t feel cornered. 



Memory foam cushions

The memory foam inside the soft cushions molds exactly to the body shape of your cat, providing your beloved feline with extra comfort.



Easy to clean and replaceable parts

The cushions and scratching mats can easily be removed for cleaning. Both the cushions and the mats are hand-washable. Replacement parts are available in case any part of your scratcher gets worn out.



All-natural scratching post

The scratching post at the inside of the Vesper Box Small is made out of sturdy natural-colored seagrass, which provides your cat with the best scratching material.


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