En+rgy Food Supplement 175g

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Energy is great for cats & dogs of any age & activity level. By adding Raw Support Energy to one of our dog or cat formulas, you can increase the fat and protein to a desired level.

  • Weight Gain



weight                                                              per day

0-11 kg (0-22 lbs)                                      1/8 tsp

12-20 kg (23-44 lbs)                                1/4 tsp

21-30 kg (45-66 lbs)                                1/2 tsp

31-40 kg (67-88 lbs)                                 2/3 tsp

41-50 kg (89-110 lbs)                                3/4 tsp

51-60 kg (111-132 lbs)                                 1 tsp


Recommended Usage
for kittens, puppies, dogs & cats:

Add 1 teaspoon to each feeding for an increase of 8% protein & 4% fat


INGREDIENTS: Lactose free whole milk powder, whey protein, casein.

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