Cat Scratcher House

Style: Japanese Fuji Pattern
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A new cat house specially designed for cats that love cardboard boxes

It has one entrance, offering a hiding place and allowing your cat to move freely inside at the same time.

It has two windows, enabling interaction with you so it'll be more fun and entertaining.

The cat scratching board is at the bottom of the cat house, the paper debris concentrated at the inside of the cat house and won't be taken out easily, saving you time and energy to clean. 

The length, width, and height are 31.8 x 33 x 50.5 cm, it has sufficient space to fit one regular-sized cat.

How to install

The cat house includes cat house outer shell x 1, cat scratching board x 1.




  1. Keep the cat house at a dry place; don't place it in a moist place.
  2. Keep away from fire.
  3. This is a consumable, please replace a new one regularly.

Product information

This product is suitable for cats.

Size: 318 x 330 x 505 mm

Net weight: 810 g

Material: Corrugated paper

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