Pet Supplement - Omega 3 Seal Oil

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All-natural, 100% Canadian Harp Seal oil

✓ Easily digested and absorbed by cats and dogs
✓ Great for skin & coat health and combating skin conditions
✓ Reduces inflammation
✓ Supports healthy bones and muscles
✓ Increases good cholesterol, reduces hypertension & boosts blood oxygen
✓ Proven to increase neurological development and cognitive function

Carino Omega 3 oil is produced to the highest standards in the world, and our supplements are tested for purity, safety, and levels of DHA, DPA, and EPA. Our advanced refining process purifies the oil by removing environmental toxins and impurities without altering the properties of the seal oil itself. This means you get a 100% natural, fresh, pure, healthy product.

Add to your dog or cat’s food daily according to the recommended dosage. Use regularly for best results. Store away from direct sunlight. Use within 6 months of opening or refrigerate after opening.


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