Longhair Grooming Kit

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Satisfies the specific needs of a medium- to longhaired cat’s coat

  • Reduces the amount of shedding and creates quality time spent with your cat
  • The Catit Longhair Grooming Kit contains every tool for daily grooming: pin brush, metal slicker brush, long dematter tool, grooming comb with rolling pins, and curved nail clipper
  • The canister’s lid is a handy temporary container for loose cat hair
  • Made of BPA-Free Materials

The Catit Longhair Grooming Kit contains every tool you need to take care of a medium- to longhaired cat’s coat. Stored upright to protect the brush tips.

Pin Brush

gently removes tangles and debris thanks to its comforting soft tips

Handgrip with rubber inserts for better grip

Long Dematter

cuts away mats and knots with great ease

Metal slicker brush

removes dandruff and detangles simple knots before they mat

Grooming Comb with Rolling Pins

detangles both top coat and undercoat without pulling on your cat’s skin

Curved Nail Clipper

trims your cat’s nails quickly and easily, for those soft and scratch-free hugs

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