Home Guard - Activated Carbon Training Pads - Medium - 100 pack

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Effectively absorbing moisture and odors, thanks to its QUICK DRY Technology which traps liquids and turns them into gel within minutes, Dogit HOME GUARD Activated Carbon Training Pads provide 5 layers of superior protection to protect your floors from stains, make clean up easier, and help make housetraining less of a chore. The pads also include an activated carbon layer to help neutralize odors and urine stains.

Great for housebreaking puppies, as well as for dogs at any stage of life, they are the ideal alternative to newspaper or litter boxes. The pads have an enticing scent that helps attract dogs, helping to ensure that your pooch always goes to the right place.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they can be used in a variety of places, including dog homes, crates, and carriers. Ideally suited for use with Dogit Training Pad Holder

Key Features :

  • ACTIVATED CARBON neutralizes odors and urine stains
  • QUICKDRY technology traps & absorbs liquid into gel within minutes
  • 5-Layers to keep floors dry and protected from stains
  • Powerful built-in attractant helps make sure your pet knows where to void
  • Helps make clean up easier and housetraining less of a chore
  • For all life stages
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Can also be used in dog homes, crates and carriers
  • Ideal size for Dogit Training Pad Holder

Size :

  • 100 pads (56 x 56 cm / 22 in x 22 in)

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