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DA BIRD SUPER Attachment Refill

Go Cat Da Bird Super Refill - Go Cat Cat Toys


Go Cat Toys Super Refill feather accessory/refill for Da Bird is different than the Da Bird Refill feathers as it has 3 large pheasant feathers to really get your cat high flying chasing after it. The Da Bird feather refill mimics the sound of a bird in flight. This refill has more twirling action than the original refill and an extra feather to help make the movement more exciting to your cat! Watch as your feline friend leaps into action chasing this bird like toy.

This is the attachment or refill for the Da Bird wand, sold separately. Handcrafted in USA.
Da Bird Super Refill

  • 3 Large Pheasant Feathers
  • More spinning action than original refill
  • Attaches to Da Bird rod


More Information:
Replacement feathers for Da Bird Interacitve Cat Toy connects to the string as easily as opening and closing a safety pin. Each 8" Da Bird feather refill is handcrafted in the USA from top quality materials. When the feathers start to look a little worn please replace with a new lure

Colors may vary. Please allow us to choose one for you!

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