FurSkinZzz Pet Blanket - 41 x 19 x 6.5”

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FurSkinZzz Pet Bed or Blanket for Cats and Dogs provides your pet with several uses in one product! Initially, you will see that this product will work great as a blanket or soft toy for bigger dogs, but once you insert a standard size pillow, the FurSkinZzz blanket is now a fully functional bed suiting cats all the way up to medium size dog breeds. Available in 4 cute different animal options, you can pick and choose which one suits your home’s design or pets personality!

With integrated boredom killers such as a squeaker located on the head of the animal, your pet will want to keep coming back and stay put when necessary. If you’re looking for a soft bed or blanket that your pet will absolutely love, the FurSkinZzz Pet Bed or Blanket for Cats and Dogs is for you.

Why We Recommend The FurSkinZzz Pet Bed or Blanket for Cats and Dogs:

  • Can work as toy, blanket or bed
  • Suitable for cats and dogs
  • 4 cute animals to choose from
  • Great toy for large breeds
  • Suitable bed for small to medium breed dogs and all cats
  • Plush


104 cm  x 48 cm  x 16.5 cm

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