Healthy Promise - Ear Wash for Dogs and Cats - 4 oz

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Healthy Promise™ Ear Wash Pet Ear Cleaner

FOUR PAWS Healthy Promise Dog & Cat Ear Wash, 4-oz bottle - Chewy.comFOUR PAWS Healthy Promise Dog & Cat Ear Wash, 4-oz bottle -


Healthy Promise Pet Ear Cleaner Wash is specially formulated to help clean, soothe, and relieve itchy ears. Featuring Glycerol to soften ear wax, this wash also aids in dissolve odor-causing ear wax. It is made without any parabens or dyes, making it a gentle, non-irritating ear wash for dogs and cats alike. Add Healthy Promise pet healing & care products to your furry friend’s daily routine and live Happier, Healthier, and Stronger together! 

  • Cleans, soothes, and relieves itching
  • Pet ear cleaner formulated with Glycerol to soften ear wax
  • Aids in dissolving odor-causing ear wax
  • Non-irritating ear wash is paraben free and dye free
  • Gentle formula is safe to use on dogs and cats

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