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Zoobilee Fisherman Heggies Dog Toy

Zoobilee's® best-selling Heggies are super soft, super cuddly, and ready to grunt their way into your dog's playtime hour. Dogs love this plush, one-of-a-kind Fisherman character, for its hilarious grunting sounds. This adorable plush dog toy is the perfect addition to your pet's toy chest. Perfect for all-sized dogs who like to love on their toys.

*PRODUCT NOTE: No toy is indestructible. Supervise your pet when using since small parts can present a choking hazard or internal blockage. Discontinue use if the toy is damaged. Keep out of reach of children.



Dimensions: 3.9" L x 4.3" W x 7" H

Product Weight: 0.22LB



  • Built-in adorable grunting sounds
  • Super soft plush dog toy
  • Perfect for cuddling


With all the different sizes and chewing styles available, choosing the right size toy can be difficult. Use this general infographic to find the right size chew toy for your dog! Generally, there are three basic chewing styles when it comes to dogs and their toys. Soft Chewers: These dogs are easy on toys and prefer plush to fabric toys. They rarely destroy their toys. Moderate Chewers: These dogs love to play with all kinds of toys. They can be destructive with plush toys but generally not with rubber toys. Strong Chewers: These dogs are usually strong, determined chewers who tend to be destructive with their toys. Choose a durable, interactive toy along with hard rubber toys. Regardless of chewing temperament always supervise play until you are sure the dog will not destroy the toy. Always replace any toy with rips, tears or cuts in it.



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