Cat Litter - Clump & Seal - Multi Cat - 9.1 kg

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Clump & Seal™, Complete Odour Sealing Clumping Litter, Multi-Cat

• Experience the confidence of a 7-day odour-free home – guaranteed
• Patented Clump & Seal™ technology seals and destroys odours before they can leave the litter box
• 100% dust free
• Rock-solid clumps for easy scooping
• Designed to control odours in homes with more than one cat

VARIATION TYPE: MULTI-CAT 6.4 KG, 9.1 KG, 12.7 KG, 17.2 KG.


How does ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ Cat Litter differ from other ARM & HAMMER™ Cat Litters?

This special kind of cat litter is made with revolutionary, micro-sealing granules to seal and destroy odors. This improves the litter coverage, interaction with malodors and overall efficacy.

How does ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ Cat Litter seal and destroy odors for seven days?

Proprietary clumping and binding allows the micro-particles of this finer texture litter to coat the surface of feces and also to form very hard urine clumps. This unique, patent-pending technology seals in and destroys odors.

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