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ADAPTIL Calm Refill

Use ADAPTIL Calm Refill every month to give your dog continuous calming and comfort at home, in situations like staying alone, loud noises, visitors and fears.

  1. Brings you and your dog closer, by creating a reassuring environment at home. Continuous effect, provides constant comfort for your dog.
  2. Clinically proven, veterinary used and recommended






  • ADAPTIL Calm Refills for use with ADAPTIL Calm Diffusers only (sold separately).
  • EASY TO USE: Plug the ADAPTIL Refill and Diffuser (sold separately) in an open area where your dog spends the most time and keep plugged in continuously. Replace refills every 30 days.
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Use ADAPTIL Calm Refills to help your dog keep calm and adapt to stressful situations like staying alone, loud noises, thunderstorms, fireworks and visitors in the home.
  • HOW ADAPTIL WORKS: Mother dogs communicate with their puppies through natural messages released in the air. These “comforting messages”, called dog appeasing pheromones, provide a strong signal of security and comfort to dogs of all ages. ADAPTIL Calm Refills send a copy of these messages to help your dog feel calm and confident in stressful situations.
  • TRAINING? BOARDING? FEARS OUTDOORS? Try an ADAPTIL Calm On-the-go Collar to help your dog stay calm and adapt to stressful situations even outdoors.





Easy to use

  • Just plug and play: screw the bottle into the diffuser unit and plug it into an electrical socket, right side up.
  • Keep the diffuser plugged in continuously for constant calming comfort.


Good to know

  • ADAPTIL Calm Refill requires ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser
  • Each refill lasts up to 30 days
  • Each diffuser and refill covers up to 70 m2 (750 ft2)
  • Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves, behind doors, behind curtains, behind furniture, as it will not work




  • Replace ADAPTIL Calm Refill every 30 days to ensure continuous comfort for your dog.
  • Use the peel-off sticker on the refill bottle to remind you when it's time to replace.
  • Check diffuser device monthly and replace every 6 months for optimum effect.
  • More information on how ADAPTIL works



Product Description

ADAPTIL Calm Refills, for use with ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffusers (sold separately), are a clinically proven pheromone solution to help calm and comfort your dog at home. The continuous effect provides constant comfort, helping your dog or puppy to remain calm and adapt to stressful situations like staying alone, loud noises, thunderstorms and visitors in the home. Trusted by veterinarians and pet owners worldwide for over 15 years, more than 5 million dogs have benefited from ADAPTIL dog calming products.


How soon will it start working?

  • Best results are typically seen after 3-4 weeks of continuous use
  • Some dogs show improvements as soon as the first 7 days


How to use:

  • Plug the diffuser & refill in right side up in an open area where your dog spends most of its time
  • Keep plugged in continuously and replace refills every 30 days
  • Replace the diffuser device every 6 months
  • Allow 1.2m (4') clear distance above the diffuser
  • Note: Each diffuser & refill covers up to 70m2 (750 ft2)


How NOT to use:

  • Do not unplug or switch off the diffuser at night
  • Do not plug in sideways or upside down (see images)
  • To be used with 110-120 V AC only; never use with extension cords, an adaptor or voltage converter
  • Do not plug below any electrical device, under furniture or under any prominent object from the wall
  • Do not place near open windows or air vents
  • Use only ADAPTIL Refills with ADAPTIL Diffusers; do not use with any other refill or device


Additional tips

  • Allow up to 24 hours for full diffusion of ADAPTIL "comforting messages"
  • For situations that can be anticipated, begin using the diffuser & refill at least 2-3 days before the event

Visit for more information and advice. Read product insert before use.

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