Air Magicube Smart Odor Eliminator*

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PETKIT Air Magicube Smart Odor Eliminator


PETKIT AIR MAGICUBE SMART ODOR ELIMINATOR is a Mini Air Purifier to remove those stinky animal odors from your home. With a remote control app, this is the best odor eliminator of 2020!




Proactive Jetting Mode:

  • The Inductive mode removes odor automatically when your pet enters within its vicinity.
  • The intermittent mode cycles every 6 hours automatically to keep the air in the room fresh.
  • The jetting mode has three different speeds which can be controlled via the app. 



  • Use the app to control the jetting mode of the Magicube, with the choice of 3 different speeds. With 4 different working modes, the app will also alert you when the Magicube liquid is running low. 


Easy to Use: The Magicube is equipped with an LED display that contains the control panel and makes it easy to use.

• Environmentally friendly and durable.

• 3 different speeds/ most effective area 30m2.

• Smart working molds and Sweat notifications.

• Turn on, turn off/ Switch modes/timing function/shortage alarm



  • The Magicube is an ionizer that can remove airborne particles (ie. dust, etc)! Quickly purify harmful particles


Get Rid of Harmful Particles:

• Effectively captures hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ammonia gas. 

• Indoor invisible formaldehyde can continue to evaporate for ten years. Eliminates formaldehyde, the invisible killer



Additional Information:

Product Size: 18*18*21.3cm.

Material: ABS

Weight: 1.5 kg

Power: 6V; Voltage: 6W; Adaptor.

Liquid shortage reminder.

4 Working Mode: Smart mode; Sleep mode; Normal mode; Powerful mode.

WiFi connection and App controllable.

Liquid usage period: 1-2 months.

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