The Purrfect Meal: Introducing KOHA Limited Ingredient Wet Cat Food | J & J PET CLUB - J & J Pet Club

Hello cat enthusiasts! At J & J PET CLUB, we are always on the prowl for top-tier products to enrich the lives of your beloved cats. Today, we're thrilled to spotlight KOHA's limited ingredient wet cat food that checks every box in the premium feline nutrition checklist.

🐾 Made in Canada with a Pounce of Freshness: KOHA is not just any cat food. It's crafted with love in Canada, ensuring that your kitty receives the most fresh and wholesome ingredients. With four delectable flavours on offer, even the pickiest feline will find their favourite.

🐾 Rich in Animal Protein: Offering an impressive 95%-96% animal protein in every flavour, KOHA promises a protein-packed meal, making it an ideal diet for cats across all life stages.

🐾 Ingredient Purity at Its Best: KOHA stands out for its limited and clean ingredient list:

  • ✅ Super High in Protein
  • ✅ Grain-Free
  • ✅ No Potatoes, Corn, Carrageen Gum, Soy, or Wheat
  • ✅ Absolutely No Preservatives or Fillers

And the Added Bonuses? KOHA enriches its formula with:

  • ⭐️ Pumpkin for easing those sensitive tummies
  • ⭐️ Green mussel for bolstering joint health
  • ⭐️ Cranberry extracts for supporting urinary functions
  • ⭐️ Flaxseed for shining up those gorgeous coats and ensuring healthy skin

🐾 Sizing Options Tailored for Every Feline Appetite: Whether you have a petite eater or a bustling family of cats, KOHA has got you covered. Choose from the handy 85g packs or the larger 156g cans, designed especially for multi-cat households.

Why Choose KOHA? When it comes to offering your kitty the finest, KOHA's limited ingredient series clearly stands out. Exclusively available at J & J PET CLUB, it's a culinary experience your cat deserves and one that you can trust for its unparalleled quality.

In the realm of cat nutrition, make an informed choice. Rely on J & J PET CLUB's recommendation and give KOHA a try. You won't be disappointed, and neither will your kitty!