Dear pet parents, for the optimal health and safety of our furry companions, it's crucial we store their food correctly. Here's a rundown of expert tips on dry kibble storage and a sneak peek at the latest smart storage bin on the market.

  • 🌞 Avoid Direct Sunlight: Did you know? Prolonged exposure to sunlight can degrade essential vitamins in dry kibble. Always store in a cool, shaded spot.

  • 💧 Stay Dry: Moisture is the enemy! Keep your pet's food in a humidity-free zone. You might even consider using desiccants.

  • 🌡️ Maintain Stable Temperatures: Too cold, and the fats might solidify. Too hot, and you risk food deterioration. Stable temperatures are key!

  • 🔐 Seal Tightly: Once opened, transfer kibble to a container with a secure seal to retain freshness and keep bugs at bay.

  • 🚫 Off the Ground: Elevate your storage solution, be it on a shelf or cabinet, to keep those pesky bugs away.

  • Regular Checks: Before serving, give the kibble a sniff. Any off smells? Be cautious!

  • 📅 Monitor Expiry Dates: Though dry kibble seems long-lasting, always keep an eye on those dates. We want only the best for our pets!

  • 🚫 Store Separately: At J & J PET CLUB, we always recommend keeping pet and human foods apart. And, always keep chemicals and cleaning agents far away!

  • 🛍️ Buy Smartly: Tailor your purchases to the size and appetite of your pet to prevent wastage.

Lastly, allow us to introduce the intelligent storage solution – the new product from Catit pixi. It offers an airtight space for dry kibble, ensuring extended freshness. With automated vacuum checks every three hours, it consistently maintains the optimal storage conditions.