🥝 Schesir Fruit Topper: The Nutritious Taste of Nature for Your Pets - Now at J&J PET CLUB 🐱🐶🐾 - J & J Pet Club

Hey Pet Parents! We at J&J Pet Club are excited to bring you a new culinary treat for your furry family members - the Schesir Fruit Topper with a fresh, fruity flair! Understanding that each pet has unique dietary needs, Schesir has crafted a food line that respects these differences, considering their age, size, and personality.

Introducing Schesir Tuna Main Course with Kiwi - a mouthwatering fusion of tender tuna slices and the exotic taste of kiwi, served in a jelly format. This novel combination is sure to appeal to your pet's preference for sea flavors while providing a more substantial meal texture. Schesir has innovated the pet food industry by being the first to add real fruit to pet diets, an initiative backed by research in collaboration with the University of Bologna's Veterinary Medical Sciences department, highlighting the beneficial effects of fruit in pet nutrition.

Special Features of Schesir Fruit Topper:

  • Tuna, the primary ingredient, offering a delicious seafood taste.
  • A gluten-free formulation to suit pets with dietary sensitivities.
  • The unique addition of kiwi, enriching the flavor profile.
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients for wholesome nutrition.
  • Meticulously steam-cooked and hand-prepared ingredients.
  • Free from artificial preservatives and colors, ensuring safety and quality.
  • Committed to using only sustainably sourced tuna.

Indulge your pets with Schesir Fruit Topper, a delightful combination of health and flavor!

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