4 Simple & Easy Oral Care Routine Tips For Dogs

Although most humans maintain proper dental hygiene on a regular basis, when it comes to their pets, the subject raises a lack of information and … some negligence. Many surveys have shown that when asked about their basic personal dental care, over 70% of people reported brushing their teeth at least twice a day. While only a third of pet owners addressed the necessity.

So Is Dental Care Really Necessary For Your Dog?

The Answer is 100% Yes!

Tartar and plaque can accumulate under your dog’s gum line from food particles forming bacteria. This bacteria can damage the structures supporting the teeth, cause inflammation which could lead to gum disease, and other life threatening infections.

Why Is Dog Dental Care Absolutely Necessary?

For Better & Longer Overall Health 

The bacteria that causes infections, also gets into your dog’s blood stream affecting other organs such as heart, liver and kidneys. If infected, these organs will fail which might shorten your dog’s life and just might end up costing you more than a yearly trip to the veterinary dentist for dental care.

For Better Breath & Stronger Teeth

Halitosis is the stinky bad breath condition that comes with periodontal diseases such as tooth decay, gum disease and oral infections. Abscesses can form at the roots of the teeth, the tissue and bones supporting the teeth will be eaten away, which will cause them to fall out or require extraction.

For Less Pain 

Your furry companion will ache from oral disease and infections which will affect his quality of life. The worrying part is the progression of oral disease that allows dogs to bear the pain as the disease advances, which might not affect their appetite or eating habits. You will not always detect these signs of poor dental health and your dog can’t talk nor tell you about the pain he feels.

4 Simple & Easy Dental Routine Tips For Your Dog!

You’ll be surprised at finding out how easy and simple it is to care for your dog’s dental hygiene. Here are 5 tips on how to maintain a proper dental routine for your dog, that will save you time, money and give your pet a longer, healthier and happy life.

1. Regular Professional Cleaning

Although most veterinary dentists recommend a yearly professional pet dental cleaning, some dog breeds may require an additional visit. Depending on the diet and overall dental health of your dog, the dentist can advise on the visits frequency and the necessary care.

2. Daily Teeth Brushing 

Just like you, your dog should have his teeth brushed daily and at least twice! If you are a busy bee and running on a tighter schedule, you may settle for a minimum of 3 teeth brushing a week. It’s been found that once incorporated into a dog’s routine; especially at a young age; dogs seem to look forward to brushing their teeth. Find soothing yet effective toothpastes and mouth sprays to support your four legged companion’s dental health between professional cleanings, freshen their breath and gently cleanse tartar and plaque. 

Important Notice


As an alternative for skittish dogs or … lazy owners, you can get dental dog wipes, and use your fingers to rub them against the teeth. Although easier to manage, dog tooth wipes are not as effective as toothbrushes that can get into nooks and crannies.

dry dog food in bowl

3. Appropriate Diet

Beyond brushing and toothpastes, feeding your pooch an appropriate diet is the primary way to keep its dental health on check! Just as you would for any dog food, look for food with natural and wholesome ingredients containing real meats, fatty acids and vitamins that improve dental health. Larger sized dog dry food is known to help with teeth cleaning by encouraging your dog to bite harder and chew intensively thus cleaning build ups on teeth. If your dog is already experiencing poor dental health, look for specific dental health formulas to prevent further decay. 

4. Chewing Stuff & Treats!

Probably the most fun part of oral care for both you and your pup!dog treats in bag

Nibbling on dog dental chews and treats helps to promote dogs’ dental health by removing plaque and tartar from their teeth. While providing benefits “Hours Of Pleasure” to your dog’s boredom, they come in various textures, sizes, shapes and delicious flavours that you can personalize for your furry buddy’s taste!  

Just remember, dental health and oral care are absolutely as important for us humans as they are for our domesticated animals! Following these simple and easy 4 steps will ensure your companion’s good dental health and prolong his chewing days!

We love our dogs and we want the best for them, let’s do our best to care for them!