Guide To Cat Tree Scratchers & Toys

Why cats need to scratch

When a cat scratches, they are not only sharpening their claws but also engaging in an instinctive behavior that is essential for their health.

Cats have a natural desire to scratch, which is why providing them with a scratching post is so important. Scratching allows them to stretch their muscles and keep their claws healthy. It also helps them mark their territory and relieve stress.

If cats do not have an outlet for their scratching instinct, they may start to scratch furniture or other household items, which can be damaging and costly. Additionally, cats who do not scratch can develop behavioral problems.

Therefore, it is important to provide cats with a safe and appropriate place to scratch. This will help keep them healthy and happy while also protecting your home from damage.

The damage that can be caused by scratching

The most common damage caused from cats scratching is on furniture such as coaches. Most cats scratch furniture as a way to mark their territory or to play. This can damage your furniture that could cost hundreds to fix. While there are a number of ways to deter a cat from scratching furniture, the best solution is to provide them with an alternative scratching surface. Cat scratching toys are designed to satisfy a cat's natural urge to scratch while protecting your furniture from damage.

The benefits of a cat tree scratcher

A cat tree scratcher is of the most popular toys in almost every single cat owners home.

It provides a place for your cat to scratch their nails, which removes the outer layer of a cat's claw and dulls the nails. The scratching helps remove any dead skin cells from your cat's nails, which can keep them healthy and looking good. The cat scratcher trees also which can help improve their attitude as cats use scratching to reduce anxiety and frustration. Scratching trees are great for ensuring your cat is healthy and happy in their space.

How to choose the right cat tree scratcher

When it comes to tree scratchers and toys there are tons of materials to choose from, and sizes. From a small cardboard scratching pad to a multi-tier rope scratching tree. So, how do you choose the right cat tree scratcher for your feline friend? We have a few great tips on choosing the write scratching toy for your cat.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. The size of your cat

    You’ll want to make sure the tree is tall enough for your cat to stretch and scratch to their heart’s content. For bigger cats we recommend having a toy that has multiple levels with adequate space to lay down. One great product to check out is the Pidan Cat Tree Castle

    2. The type of material

    Some cats prefer scratch pads made of cardboard or carpet, while others prefer sisal or rope. Before buying a grand cat tree it can be best to buy a couple of smaller toys. To save you some time we gathered together a few great options below for you.


    3. The number of levels

      If your cat likes to climb, then a multi-level tree with plenty of nooks and crannies will be perfect. Another situation where a multi level tree scratcher perfect for is homes with multiple cats. Multi-tier cat trees provide tons of space for 2-3 cats to play on and rest without feeling like they are competing for the same space.

      Some of our favourite large cat tree scratchers include:

      • : This is a great option will multiple areas to rest, tons of areas to scratch and a toy mouse.

      • Miaozan Cat Tree Waterwheel: Similar to the Miazon cat tree house the waterwheel style has more areas to play with a spinning wheel and a unique area to rest on a hammock.

      • Vesber Box: This box inspired aesthetic is a great alternative to traditional tree scratchers

      In conclusion,having a cat tree scratcher in your home is important for several reasons. First, it provides your cat with a place to scratch without damaging your furniture. Second, it gives your cat a place to climb and exercise. Third, it provides your cat with a place to hide and feel safe. Fourth, it helps keep your cat's nails trim and healthy. Finally, it's just plain fun for your cat! So go out and get your cat a tree scratcher today!