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Fun Toys to Play With Your Cat

Cats are some of the most playful animals around and they love to have fun. As a cat owner, it is important to find toys that can keep your furry friend entertained and engaged. With so many different types of toys on the market, it can be difficult to determine which ones will bring the most enjoyment to your cat. In this article, we will discuss fun toys you can play with your cat to make sure they get plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Fun With Feline Friends

Felines are some of the sweetest and most lovable animals, whether purebred cats or your average house cat. Not only are they great companions, but they can be a lot of fun too! If you're looking for ways to enjoy your feline friends, here are some tips on how to have the most fun with them. 

First of all, spending quality time with your cats is one of the best ways to bond and have a good time. Take them for walks or play games like chasing feathers around. Be sure to reward them when they do something right so that your cats will understand what kind of behaviour you expect from them. 

Secondly, look into different types of toys that you can use together with your felines! Need some suggestions on what could be their favourite? Keep reading to find out what cat toys we recommend for different types of playtime!

Toys for chasing: Balls, Feathers, Mice

When it comes to cat toys, there are plenty of options for cats who love to chase. Balls, feathers and mice are some of the most common types of toys that cats enjoy chasing around. Every type of toy offers cats a different kind of experience in terms of movement and texture. 

Balls offer cats a tactile sensation as they roll around on the floor, while feathers provide them with an opportunity to practice their hunting skills! If your cat is a fan of feathers, check out this Go Cat Cat Toy! It’s one of our customer favourites!
Meanwhile, mice give cats something small and furry that they can stalk and pounce upon for hours on end. All three types of toys will keep your feline friend entertained for hours at a time! 

Why does my cat love chasing things?

Cats are known for their playful and curious nature, which can sometimes involve chasing things around the house. From string toys to yarn balls, cats love to chase things that catch their eye or make interesting sounds. But why do cats love chasing so much?

The answer may be linked to a cat's natural hunting instincts. Cats have an innate drive to stalk and pounce on prey, which is why owners need to provide quality toys that mimic real-life prey items. This helps satisfy a cat's instinctual need, while also providing mental stimulation and exercise at home. 

Chasing provides your kitty with physical and mental stimulation, helping keep them active and alert throughout the day.

No matter which type of toy you choose for your cat's chasing pleasure, make sure it is safe and free from any sharp edges or fasteners that could hurt your pet if ingested.

Toys for pouncing: Catnip Kickers & Crinkle Bags

Catnip Kickers and Crinkle Bags are the perfect toys to get your cat in the mood for pouncing. These interactive toys come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes that will keep your kitty entertained for hours. Catnip Kickers are made with plush fabric that is filled with organic catnip, and they come in a range of colours from bright reds to subtle blues. Cats can also enjoy chasing after these fun-filled toys while they get their daily dose of exercise. The Crinkle Bags, on the other hand, have a rustling sound when cats paw at them and add an extra layer of excitement to playtime. Both of these toys provide cats with mental stimulation and help keep them active during their playtime sessions. Check out this Mini Crinkle Bag toy! Perfect for cats of all sizes!

Toys for scratching: Cardboard Scratchers, Trees & Sisal Posts

Cat owners understand the importance of having toys available for their cats to scratch. Scratching is a natural behaviour that cats engage in and providing cats with appropriate scratching surfaces can help prevent damage to furniture or other household items. Cardboard scratchers and sisal posts are two great options for cat toys that provide an ideal outlet for scratching needs. 

Cardboard scratchers are a popular choice among pet owners because they are easy to assemble and relatively inexpensive. The corrugated cardboard surface provides cats with an irresistible texture for clawing, plus there's usually some sort of enticing toys attached, like dangling feathers or small balls!

Cats also enjoy lounging on top of the scratcher after they finish playing with it. Sisal posts offer another effective option, as the rough fibres found in sisal rope make them perfect scratching surfaces.
You can check out our HUGE selection of Scratchers and Trees here!

Toys for Hiding: Boxes, Paper Bags

If you're looking for creative ways to keep your cat entertained and stimulated, then toys for hiding are a great idea. Whether it’s boxes or paper bags, these simple items can provide hours of fun and amusement for your feline friend.

Paper bags are especially popular as cat toys for hiding. Not only do cats love the sensation of squeezing into tight spaces, but paper bags also make a crinkly noise that cats find irresistible! These are a great alternative if you are looking for a new way to play with your cat that doesn’t break the bank!

Paper bags come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one to fit in your home; plus, they're easy to fold up when playtime is over! Boxes are also great options for stimulating games with your cat. Cats enjoy exploring different levels and cubby holes inside boxes - they'll even use them as beds if given a chance!

Interactive Toys: Laser Pointers, Wand Boxes & Paper Bags

Interactive toys are a great way for pet owners to keep their cats entertained and healthy. Laser pointers and wand teasers are some of the most popular types of interactive cat toys. These toys provide hours of fun for cats as they chase the flashing light or dangle toys across floors, up walls, and around furniture.

Laser pointers generate a small beam of light that is often red, but can also be green in colour. This allows cats to pounce on the moving target while giving them an aerobic activity which helps keep them active and healthy. Wand teaser toys consist of colourful feathers or ribbons attached to a stick or wire while often creating interesting shapes to catch your cat’s eye.

These Multifunctional Cat Laser Toys are great for multiple types of interactive play with your feline friend!

In conclusion, there are plenty of options available, whether you’re looking for a toy to keep your cat entertained or one that will help strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. With an array of toys to choose from, it’s easy to find something fun and interactive that your cat will love. You can even modify some toys so they remain interesting and engaging for your cat over time.