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TetraMin® Tropical Flakes

Active Life Formula helps nutritionally support fish’s immune system for optimal health and long life. Based on long-term university studies, the proprietary formula joins high quality, complete nutrition with even more benefits.

The world’s favorite fish food continues to be an innovation leader. Today’s TetraMin® has been improved with the fishkeeper’s success in mind. The "Clean and Clear Water Formula" means that the flakes are even easier to digest and do not leach color thereby keeping aquarium water clean and clear. TetraMin continues to be made with patented, health enhancing ProCare. This precise blend of immunostimulants, vitamins, biotin and Omega-3 fatty acids is custom designed to strengthen fish’s resistance to disease and stress.

For 50 years, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the Tetra name for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home. Whether you're an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need–-from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor. TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes provide a nutritionally balanced premium staple food, with added shrimp flakes for all tropical fish. The aroma and flavor of real shrimp is a natural attractant for aquarium fish, making this a food they will love. Specialized, high protein fish meal makes thes flakes digestible. With optimal digestibility comes fewer uneaten particles and reduced fish waste, leaving you with cleaner, clearer water. Our ProCare formula mixes highly nutritious ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and trace elements that help support fish's immune sustem for optimal health and long life. TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes also work to enhance your fish's naturally brilliant colors.

TetraMin Tropical Flakes

TetraMin Tropical Flakes have been improved with the fishkeeper's success in mind. Our upgraded formula is nutritionally balanced to support health. TetraMin Tropical Flakes continue to offer a complete diet with a clear water formula that's easier to digest, leaving less waste in the tank.

Great for:

  • Top feeders
  • Mid feeders



Upgraded formula, now with prebiotics!

The Active Life Formula supports a long and healthy life. Based on studies and other support by nutritional experts, the propriety formula joins high quality, complete nutrition with even more benefits.



Take a closer look

TetraMin's multi-flake blend has seven distinct formulations for variety in color and nutrition. The inclusion of Omega-3 fatty acids for energy, select proteins for growth and vitality, and quality base ingredients to ensure ideal nutrition is packed in every flake. A scientifically-developed blend that's easily digested by fish, thereby helping to keep aquarium water clean and clear when used as directed. Tropical Flakes are highly digestible and made with rich shrimp proteins for brilliant color and healthy growth. This blend is formulated with a stabilized vitamin source and guaranteed nutrient percentages for fish health.



Upturned mouth means surface feeder

Just looking at a fish's mouth can normally tell you what form factor of food he or she needs.

Best food types for upturned mouths:

  • flakes
  • crisps
  • sticks (larger fish)
  • floating pellets (med/large fish)



Why Tetra?

TetraMin Tropical Flakes provide the nutrition fish need for a complete diet.



TetraMin Tropical Flakes are formulated to not leach color, leaving aquarium water clean and clear.



TetraMin Tropical Flakes are made with a new formula that is easier to digest, leaving less waste in your aquarium.



Our feeding icon makes it easy to identify which Tetra brand foods are right for your fish.

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