Smart Space Leash

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Smart Space Leash

Additional Information:

Charging Method – micro-USB
Voltage – DC 5V
Weight – 230 g
Battery Capacity – 200 mah
Rope Length – 2.6 m
Max Static Pull – 50 kg


The Space Leash is a hands-free retractable leash that can be used during the day or night. The Space Leash comes in 3 models: Space Leash I, II, and III. The Space Leash III comes with an app-based tracker!
Hands-Free Design: Designed for allowing your hands to be free while walking your dog.
Lighting System: Watch where you are walking at night using the flashlight that comes with the leash. For safety reasons, an illuminating ring can be turned on as well.
Telescopic Technology: The smooth retractability of the leash comes from the shaftless telescopic traction that allows for a 360-degree retraction.
Elastic Rope: The rope is elastic which reduces the impact of sudden movements for both pets and their owners.
Smart: Connect to an app to monitor activity with your dog and the route taken.


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