“Amusing Comma” Pet Brush

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Easily Deshed!



You need a convenient tool.
Comb your pet and then press the button. 
Deshedding is so simple.


Gently press the button, and you can tear off everything you brush down.

Kitty OK, Doggy OK, Long Hair OK, Short Hair OK!



112 massaging comb teeth form as one to give your pet a pleasant massage.

The high-toughness combs can withstand large angles of bending.
And it won't hurt your pet's skin.



ABS outer shell.

Shaped to fit your hand.

So, you won't feel tired easily.



Precisely positioned.

It won't change its shape easily.

It'll last for a long time.




1. If your pet has a large area of mats, please have the animal hospital or an experienced pet groomer remove it.
2. Combing a severely matted pet hair could damage the comb teeth.


Product Information 

This product is suitable for cats and dogs.
Dimension: 9 x 4 x 12 cm
Weight: 78 g
Material: ABS  


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