Pet Place Mat / Dinner Mat - White

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Pet Place Mat / Dinner Mat - White

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Some pets make a big mess when they eat. Or sometimes the pet bowl full of food or water get accidentally knocked over. Imagine you need to deal with that mess. Cleaning up can be time consuming and tiresome. Carpeted or hardwood floors are more delicate and can be ruined quickly. It’s not a good idea to use rags or newspapers under the feeding bowls since the mess will just soak through them.

- This placemat is made of silicone. It is waterproof, so it prevents spills from soaking through. You won’t worry about getting your floor ruined. The material is non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about your pet licking it.

- The silicone material and the diamond-shaped texture makes the placemat even more non-slippery, so you can ensure that the feeding utensils remain steady.

- The edge of this placemat is tilted-up by 15°, which helps to keep food or water on the placemat. So you never worry about food or water spreading to the floor.

- In case your pet chews the placemat because of curiosity. This placemat is 2 mm thick, so you can ensure that this placemat can withstand rough usage for an extended period.

- And it’s easy to clean because you only need to wash with water.

- Soft and comfortable to roll so you can easily roll it up and store it when it’s not in use.

When a thing is in its purest form, it’s the truth, and it’s beautiful. Your diamond star placemat only has what’s needed to be a perfect placemat, the beauty of simplicity.



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