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Roman Column for Cat Climbing

Symbol of classical architecture.
Elegantly adapted to the home.

Designer says
The Roman column is the beginning of the history of Western classical architecture and represents the enlightenment of the spirit of Western architecture. The marbled Roman column is modeled on the traditional Roman column. It is composed of a column base, a column body, and a column head. Through infinite combinations and changes, it provides cats with a Western architectural toy that has multiple entertainment uses and a unique shape.


Product Info

Name: Ionic Column Cat Climbing Post

Dimension: 45 x 45 x 75 cm

Material: Jute Rope, Wood Fiberboard, PVC Expansion Sheet, Corrugated Cardboard

Suitable For: Single or Multiple Cats

Functions: Grind Nails, Play, Rest

* Note: All column bases are white in color. The marble pattern bases are discontinued.


Cat scratching board on the top for couching and scratching.

The column head is a beautifully shaped scratching board.

For cats to rest and grind their claws in high places.


Equip with a toy ball that your cat will play.

The toy ball can fully mobilize the cat's interest and increase the amount of exercise.


It can withstand scratching and grinding. It won't damage easily.

The column body has a diameter of 12.5 cm.

The body is tightly wrapped by natural jute.

The jute rope has an appropriate thickness and is an excellent material.


The base is firm and stable. Your cat will feel secure and have peace of mind while using it.

The base is equipped with a three-layer column base, triple reinforcement, so multiple cats can play without worry.

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