CLEAN Anti-Overflow Pet Feeding Mat

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CLEAN Anti-Overflow Pet Feeding Mat 

Now you won’t have to worry about spilled milk, cat food, and other food items when you are serving your favorite pet their delicious meals! Use the Anti-Overflow Cat Feeding Mat and easily serve meals for your cat even having to think about all the mess they will be making while having their meal.


  • MAKES CLEANING TIME EASY FOR YOU as your pet will have their designated cat mat that they will be using while having their meals! This way, you can easily clean up the left-over food, spilled milk or water by just wiping off the mat.
  • COMES WITH ANTI-SLIP DESIGN ensuring that the bowl you use to serve your pet's meal will not easily spill off or turn over. You can be sure that your pet will get to enjoy their meal of the day without having to make a mess for you to clean up.
  • MADE WITH JUST THE RIGHT SIZE that you can place your bowl of cat food and an accompanying drink to go along with the meal! Designed to support two bowls, it is large enough for your pet’s big appetite! 

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