BREEZY Smart Pet Carrier (Built-in fan and light)

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BREEZY Smart Pet Carrier (Built-in fan and light)

Your pet doesn't have to miss out on all the full anymore. With the Breezy Smart Pet Carrier you can take them wherever you go. There is enough ventilation and airflow to allow your pet to rest easy and be comfortable. 





Tinted Window: A tinted viewing panel allows your pet to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Keeps them shaded and protects them from the harsh sun


Shock Reduction System: The smart shock absorption system is built into the backplate of the backpack. It's designed to force your pet’s weight onto your body and reduce shock when moving around. Metal plated food pads prevent the bag from falling when placed on the floor.


A Convenient Size: The widened bottom area is designed to give an ample amount of room for your pet to move around inside. It's also convenient for the owner to wear and transport.


Breathable: The intelligent ventilation system allows for smart, automatic air control dependent on the internal temperature of the bag This keeps the bag comfortable and breathable at all times and minimizes noise interference.


Power Source: It also has a small pocket in the side of the backpack, which is to place the remote power source. Connect Breezy to the remote power source in the pocket to control it.


Breezy doesn't include batteries.

Removing the charger will stop the backpack from working properly.

For a 5000mAh power source, Breezy could work for around 20 hours in Auto mode.

For a 10000mAh power source, Breezy could work for around 40 hours in Auto mode.



WEIGHT:  1.4 kg

DIMENSION (LWHINCM):  32 x 27 x 44.5

Material:  ABS, PC and Fabric

Pet Type: small animals up to 8 kg

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